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Remote Configuration & Support. Remote Configuration & Support is a telephone based service designed to assist engineers who are installing and configuring SonicWALL solutions. This service covers all UTM Firewalls, CDP, SSL-Secure Remote Access and Email Security product sets. SonicWall firewall is a highly configurable system which works to keep intruders and invasive traffic out of your internal company computer network. Security and performance. Hand in hand. One of the most secure, sophisticated and widely deployed small-business firewall platforms on the market today is the TZ Series of SonicWall firewalls. Buy SonicWall 01-SSC-1740 TZ400 Gen 6 Firewall Secure Upgrade Plus Advanced Edition 2Yr Support with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ SECaaS Firewall Bundle. The SECaaS Firewall Bundle provides all of the technology needed to support a managed firewall/security solution. All in one SKU and one monthly subscription price. Or select individual components of the SonicWall security solution portfolio as needed. SonicWall Next-Generation Firewall that delivers all of these Mar 24, 2014 · I have primarily used SonicWALL for the past 7 years at different companies. I like the UI but their support is terrible and has been for a long time. We have multiple locations and high availability requirements and keep having similar issues at different locations and support is usually unhelpful when we get to talk to them.

The SonicWall Network Security appliance (NSA) Mid-Range Firewall series consolidates automated advanced threat prevention technologies in a mid-range next-generation firewall platform. Built on a multi-core hardware architecture featuring 10-GbE and 2.5-GbE interfaces, the NS series scales to meet the performance demands of mid-sized networks

A hardware firewalls sits between your local network of computers and the Internet. The firewall will inspect all the data that comes in from the Internet, passing along the safe data packets while blocking the potentially dangerous packets. SonicWall Firewall Tech Support – Cerdant

Sonicwall told me to return. Also found undisclosed security vulnerability in an embedded ftp server with userid admin and password password. Found while working with support to send them crash logs as the support engineer went through settings. The ftp server credentials are down 3 menus deep and would never be found if you weren't looking for it.

SonicWall Next Generation Firewall and VPN Technical Support SonicWall NSA Series Firewall/VPN Appliances: The SonicWall Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series is designed to provide fast routing, stateful high-availability, plus fast IPsec and SSL VPN support for branch offices, small and mid-size businesses, and distributed mid-enterprise networks. The NSA 240 comes in a desktop enclosure and includes SonicWall NSA 3600 - Security appliance - 10 GigE - 1U