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Aug 17, 2012 Spotify removing R. Kelly's songs is a sign of a worrying May 15, 2018 Spotify is going to ban or bury 'hateful' music or artists Spotify has instituted a policy that lets the music-streaming service ban or bury music or artists it judges to be "hateful," with R. Kelly the first high-profile name affected. Story About Spotify Censored? - World Fusion Wisdom

May 15, 2018

Nov 11, 2008 · At the bottom right, click "1 More Release" and go to "ARTPOP, 2013. 15 tracks (Premium Edition)". That is not censored. Default album (censored): spotify:album:7c5eVTeKlhhEtQu1JIg32Y. Other Album (Uncensored): spotify:album:705K6lFN9wm3bifelyuQS4 Aug 17, 2012 · 2) M.I.A. "Born Free" Banned From Youtube (2010) Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam, better known as M.I.A., is no stranger to censorship. In 2007, her hit single "Paper Planes" was censored by MTV and Feb 28, 2020 · Make Spotify your all-in-one music player. In addition to over 50 million tracks we offer, you can also use your Spotify app to play music files stored on your device (which we call "local files"). Note: Files or downloads from illegal sources are not permitted. May 21, 2014 · Spotify is a magic music box. It’s [Censored] an amazing tool. I like to [Censored] people that the $10 I send it each month is the [Censored] money I spend. Having access to such a massive

I noticed this with some of my music as well. The most noticable being . The Lonely Island – Turtleneck & Chain . It even says EXPLICIT in the titles for the tracks, yet they're clearly the edited versions. I know a few days ago they were not censored for sure . Edit: on using my own link this seems to be a proble with the desktop client.

Censored Music - The Spotify Community Okay, I've been a user for a pretty long time and way back when I saved a bunch of songs by Say Anything and now that I'm listening to them again I noticed that all of them are now censored for no reason. So why have they changed without warning and why are there no available "explicit" versions. I' Spotify, please stop pushing censored music on us! : spotify Spotify normally has both unedited and edited versions of songs, it's just kind of hidden. For example, blink-182's "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" is edited by default, but if you click this dropdown you can choose the unedited version. It took me forever to realize that this even existed, I don't know why Spotify doesn't make it more apparent. The Uncensored Playlist: how news is being turned into pop May 03, 2018