Aug 08, 2019

How to Clear the Google Chrome DNS cache on Windows Jul 11, 2017 Solved: DNS not resolving - Dell Community Re: DNS not resolving Jump to solution Peter's hit the nail on the head, but since you already use Access Zones, have a chat with your account team about DNS features that may be coming in OneFS.Next in the very near future that may directly alleviate your issues. dns isn't resolving xbox server names - Microsoft Community Mar 12, 2019 How to fix Resolving Host (DNS) issues on Windows - gHacks

May 26, 2015

Mar 25, 2011 networking - DNS resolution failure - Raspberry Pi Stack ip addr show ip route show cat /etc/resolv.conf I think your dhcp server has either not send the correct dns servers or routers to external networks. Did you try pinging a external server? ping -c 4 (This is a DNS Server from google). – teissler Jan 3 '13 at 7:13

I have setup our internal domain on a Google Cloud DNS Zone. Then I pointed my computer to the Zone's name servers and for fallback/public IPs. I can resolve all my internal addresses fine and most public addresses as well. For some reason, the DNS names for Google sites are not resolving. For example, the following do not resolve:

When using Split Tunnels, only DNS requests that match the VPN DNS suffix search domains will use the VPN DNS servers. Requests to domains that do not match the VPN DNS suffixes go to the local (3G/WiFi connection) DNS servers. EXAMPLE: DNS suffix is set to Requests to will use the remote VPN DNS server. I have specified the DNS servers in my VPN connection, but not in my main connection. Strangely, I have two long-time users without any special settings that use VPN just fine. One is an off-site domain computer that is almost always connected via Remote Desktop to a computer on-site. Jul 21, 2014 · DNS not resolving. in my pc when i ssh with my server ip i can log in but when i ssh to add.server.local which in my server name i cant not following is the needed The accepted answer did not resolve my issue. It was nothing to do with avahi - I did not have avahi service installed. I have my system set to get its IP AND its DNS server settings from DHCP. However, the DHCP supplied DNS was not being checked for queries using .local