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MX Addressing and VLANs - Cisco Meraki As a one-armed VPN concentrator. In this mode, the MX device does not provide any address translation and operates as a passthrough device between the Internet and the LAN ports (sometimes referred to as a layer 2 bridge). The appliance also provides VPN tunneling functionality. For more information, please refer to the Deployment guides. Using DHCP to configure VPN clients? Windows Server 2016 Nov 11, 2016 Route-based VPN - Sophos

Route-based VPN - Sophos

I want to set up a VPN (RRAS) where the users can connect to so they are in the local network. I made a new private Virtual Switch for that in the Host. So the DC has 2 Network interfaces, one with a public IP and one with a private range, where I set a static IP with a netmask of Concepts-Addressing – OpenVPN Community

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Nov 06, 2016 How to create a VPN connection with dynamic IP addresses