If that works, on your Xbox, try to access the internet (not get on live, but browse the Internet). After that, you know the problem is somewhere between your Xbox 360 and Xbox Live or that you have ports blocked, via a firewall or by ISP provider, or if you did a factory reset of your router recently it maybe the problem.

Cannot connect Xbox 360 to the WiFi network. Can connect to the LAN via cable. Tried inputting manually a static IP, and did not help. Tried connecting via a guest network, did not help. Frustrating. All you need to get started is a wireless access point and an Xbox 360 wireless networking adapter. You won't be able to connect to Xbox Live unless you have a high-speed Internet connection, such as a cable or other broadband system. Turn off all your network equipment (modem and router) as well as the Xbox 360. But the internet works fine with other devices. All the devices that are able to connect to wifi are connectes to the wifi except the console. I even tried to use my phone hotspot to my xbox but it still didnt work Connect your Xbox 360 console to your router or gateway by using a network cable. Here's how: Plug one end of a network cable into the back of your console and the other end into a port on your router or gateway. Test your Xbox LIVE Connection. To do this, press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and then select System Settings. The Microsoft Xbox 360 game console can connect to the Xbox Live service using Wi-Fi for online gaming, video streaming, and other internet features.If you have trouble connecting to Xbox Live, here's how to fix the most common wireless connection problems on the Xbox 360.

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Xbox 360: Go to My Xbox. Choose System Settings. Choose Network Settings. Choose the network you're currently connected to. Choose Test Xbox Live Connection. If you’re not using an open NAT, you’ll see a message with a yellow exclamation point next to it. How can I change my NAT type? The two most important steps to easing NAT restrictions are: networking - Xbox 360 can't connect to internet - Super User I tried all the above suggestions, and after making the last changes powered off the router/modem and Xbox 360 both. I left the router/modem for the recommended five minutes, then plugged in and powered up the Xbox 360 again. The Xbox 360 still can't connect to the Internet. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this problem.

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360 won't connect to Xbox Live : xbox360 - reddit For a good while now my 360 just won't connect to xbox live. When I run a connection test it connects to my wireless internet okay but when it tries to connect Xbox live it tells me there is something wrong. It gives me two suggestions: 1. To disconnect my router and modem then reconnect after a few minutes.