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Jan 30, 2019 · What is Google censorship and how it works in different countries? Learn how works Google and YouTube censorship and why it exists. Even though for the last three years Google has been a daughter company to Alphabet Inc, and doesn’t make their own corporate policy, people still call the whole corporation Google, as it is the largest part of the conglomeration. The Boondocks - Strong language such as fuck is censored but its uncensored on DVD, the word "Asshole" was censored until season 2, the word "Pussy" was censored until season 3, and the word "Shit" is uncensored in season 4. Two season 2 episodes were banned in the USA for making fun of BET Network, and two season 3 episodes were banned for Jul 14, 2020 · In 1766, Sweden became the first country to enacted the official first law banning censorship. While many modern countries have laws against censorship, none of these laws are ironclad and are often challenged as unconstitutional attempts to restrict certain rights, such as the freedoms of speech and expression. Nov 22, 2016 · Here are the top 10 countries with highest internet censorship. I nternet censorship is a trending hot topic and people’s freedom is constantly declining with every passing year.

Dec 29, 2017 · Though most of the exhibitions and infractions on this list happened in places where censorship is common (China, Russia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, for example), the shows and works

Sep 10, 2019 Internet Censorship 2020: Find Out Where Repression Reigns Some countries are a great deal more free than others when it comes to internet censorship and surveillance. dove into the wacky world of repression and rated 149 countries

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