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EdgeSwitch - Inter-VLAN Routing – Ubiquiti Networks 5. Enable routing functionality on the uplink port (0/8) and assign it an IP address. interface 0/8 description edgerouter routing ip address exit. 6. Associate the VLAN10 and VLAN20 SVIs with IP addresses and enable routing. interface vlan 10 ip address routing exit interface vlan 20 HP 2530-24G - ip routing command - Hewlett Packard Re: HP 2530-24G - ip routing command This is layer 2 switch and doesnt support ip routing at all. So it is not enabled by default and cannot be enabled by a command. Enable VLAN Routing in PowerConnect - Dell Community

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Cisco Nexus 5000 Series NX-OS Unicast Routing Jan 26, 2018 What is IP routing? - study-ccna.com IP routing is the process of sending packets from a host on one network to another host on a different remote network. This process is usually done by routers. Routers examine the destination IP address of a packet , determine the next-hop address, and forward the packet. Routers use routing tables to determine the next hop address to which the

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Hi folks! A simple problem ( I hope so..) I've configured Cisco 2600, IOS version 12.1(6) with IP addresses for the 3 interfaces (e0,e1 and s0. When I enter the router rip command. The message displayed in "IP routing not enabled". Anyhelp would be appreciated. How to enable layer 3 routing on switch - Cisco Community Make sure you enable "ip routing" command on global config mode. Have a look at this link which will guide you how you can do normal routing and also to configure routing protocols on 3750 switch on the IOS code you are having on your switch. How to enable WINS Proxy and IP Routing in Windows 10 Feb 14, 2018